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Parkside Church

Every year, Parkside hosts the Basics Conference for pastors to return back to... well the basics. openbox9 has designed the promotional materials, Event Program & Materials, Wearables each year.

Client since: 2010

    NWF – Public Lands

    openbox9 was included in a effort to promote and protect public land. Services include: Advocacy Strategy & Design, Graphic Design, Web Development - CMS Development & Customization, Infographics

      NWF – Ranger Rick Geocache Trails

      Complete campaign branding for this great coast-to-coast effort to get families outside and appreciate nature together. openbox9 completed package designs, logo, and promotion materials to help seekers find Ranger Rick in the wild.

        NWF – National Wildlife Week

        One week celebration of all that is fun about wildlife and the Earth we share. Full campaign branding and designed materials (even a beastro truck) supplied in collaboration with Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

        NWF – Gulf Restoration

        Website design and development for educational and advocacy effort to hold Exxon accountable for restoration of the gulf which includes an interactive map of the projects and research.

        Client since: 2011

        NWF – HECHO

        Joined initiative to empower Hispanic leaders in their work to protect public lands. Work included communication materials and case studies.

          NWF – Hike & Seek

          Complete campaign branding for this great coast-to-coast effort to get families outside and appreciate nature together. From wearables, to website and logo, we did it all — even a hiking badge for your backpack!

            NWF – Outdoor Learning Curriculum

            Students in cities have lesser chances to experience nature but often are more excited to learn. openbox9 designed multiple toolkits for teachers to explore!

            NWF – East Asia Risk Analysis

            Design of research report on wildlife changes in East Asia that included infographics to help visualize complex narratives.

              NWF – Artemis

              Logo and visual brand system for program of NWF to connect with sportswomen interested in conservation. Addition work included graphic design and custom WordPress website development as well as editorial design for a research report

              NWF – Clean Earth Challenge

              In collaboration with Johnson Outdoors, openbox9 created the branding for the campaign and strategy for the online initiative to get citizens outside and cleaning up our waterways. Our website has resulted in tons of trash pickup!

              NWF – Eco Leaders

              Helped create a community of individuals leading the green way through visual solutions ranging from logo, activity badges, event materials and infographics.