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openbox9 goes to the White House

Photo journal of a historic visit

Variety of presidential logos, but not too many colors

Why design matters for presidential hopefuls

Since this is pre-election year I thought I’d dip my feet in the political waters deep enough to assess the presidential hopefuls’ logos for 2012. This is done with no …

Favorite Flag with dancing legs

Favorite Flag Designs

Happy Flag Day. With much respect to the stars and stripes I wanted to honor those other well designed flags out there – here are a few of my favorite …

USAID print reports - each unique, but all part of the whole

USAID and Promoting Gender Equitable Opportunities

Completing a year long project Can addressing gender issues in the marketplace improve the programs that USAID is implementing overseas? Can these countries gain economic growth and lasting poverty reduction …

Whitehouse homepage

Obama’s website versus Information Architecture

Bush vs. Obama. Who has the better website you say? The Washington Times writes a compelling discussion that pits style and image versus information and usability. Its interesting because of …