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Happy Flag Day. With much respect to the stars and stripes I wanted to honor those other well designed flags out there – here are a few of my favorite well designed flags:


Chicago with your baby blue and twinkling stars - this is a cutie pie design.


Can you see the stars square dancing in Tennessee? Nice use of a blue stripe.


Bold stripes with an inviting bird makes me want to visit Uganda.

Isle of Man

Butt kicking machine for a symbol - I'll not invade this island.


Passion. Love of Nature. Oh Canada you are huggable.


I can not think of any better simple use of stripes that create such energy.

Washington DC

Stars over the Potomac and Anacostia - brilliant.
Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.