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We had the privilege to meet with the troops behind the White House communications efforts which included our friend and Designer Ashleigh Smith, the content editor, photographer, website creative director and the videographer. Fascinating work this team is up to as everyday posses a new urgent need to speak with the citizens — fast copywriting, fast photos, fast info-graphics! It takes a talented village to inform a nation.


Nathan passes through security despite the sinister contemplative look. I on the other hand got stopped. The beeper went off at the metal detector and like a Pavlovian dog, I start undoing my pants belt (the assumed cause of the beep). The guard within seconds jumps in front of me with a smile and says “stop, this is not that kind of place.”


What is looks like to be a common citizen void of any power.


Hannah basking in the glam glow of paparazzi attacks.


What it feels like to look down on common citizens – I say let them eat cake.


Marching to the meeting, trying to avoid the press. If word leaks that the designer of the “PG County Potatoskins” logo is in the white house, it may cause a ruckus.


I wonder if the President’s chef is looking at me? I’m so hungry… I am mind signaling the chef to bring me a presidential McRib sandwich.


Towards the end of the meeting I notice that my name tag is stuck… no plastered to the white house floor. I spent five minutes bent over scraping it off with my finger-nails. I’m sure people thought I was either hurling or eating my presidential McRib sandwich


Can you see the aging effect the white house had on me? Now Pres. Clinton and I have something to talk about.


Leaving the building I met Bo the First Dog. I’m still glowing over him considering to sniff me or not. He did not, but I think he’s regretting it this morning. Bo, like me on facebook… or LinkedIn… your call.

Michael Schafer
Michael has spent the past 25 years applying his experience and superpowers to further the missions of social-good organizations, and has no plans to stop.