5 Pages I (really) Read Today

Books are great but can a book smash you through 5 subjects in 15 minutes? Below are not my favorite reads, nor do I recommend reading them, but they are the real things I read this morning to prepare for a day of work.

Illustration of faded tower next to detailed tower

More CSS? Yes, please.

Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff with Mockups. Oh its insider stuff but gooey-good inside stuff that we hope can be the beginning of doing things different. Imagine a website design process where you are viewing the initial concepts live on a browser, instead of a dead photoshop comp. This is not a new idea, we have entertained it in the past, but the article helps find missing puzzle pieces.

Darth Vader driving young Luke in Tie-Fighter

Papa Vader

Humorous read that makes you think… what life would have been like If Darth Vader Actually Raised Luke Skywalker

National Geographic Photo of tar lands

Demanding Better

I dislike immensely these tar sand wastelands. So hearing some hopeful news is a welcomed addition to days filled with doom and boom. Thanks NWF for the article Investors Demand Environmental Improvements from Tar Sands Industry.

Photo of a bubble popping

Me Like

You got me. Sometimes I consider looking at photos “reading”. These are some incredible photos though. Okay, I’ll confess, I then spent alot of time viewing photos by pantone colors. Stop judging me.

Photo a ropes

Killer Groups of Opinionaters

What we’ve all known since the 1st grade when lil’Brent and his “focus group” told lil’Becky her play-doh sculpture didn’t look like a turtle… she cried. Why Focus Groups Kill Innovation, From the Designer Behind Swiffer.


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