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gothic woman with short haircut

Font Fashion: Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic is up next in our “if fonts were clothing” series.

queen of egypt

Font Fashion: Papyrus

If you’re just tuning in this month we’ve written a series of posts entitled: if fonts were clothing. We’ve been exploring this idea through much laughter and grimacing. We’re proud to present this week’s font: Papyrus.

soft woman

Font Fashion: Mrs. Eaves

As we continue our month long study of fonts and fashion… presenting the always classy Mrs. Eaves.

Women in professional attire with pointed shoulders

Font Fashion: Futura

This week we bring you the future: Futura. Is it how you always imagined it would be?

harsh woman

Font Fashion: ITC Machine

It’s that time again for our second post of Font Fashion week two: ITC Machine. Is there an end in sight? Who knows? This may be so fun we may never stop.

Woman in severe gray suit with glack gloves

Font Fashion: Didot

Week two of Font Fashion month is here. This week’s first entry: Didot.

70's dancing

Font Fashion: Alba Super

Feast your eyes. A sight like this has never before been seen. Font #2 in our fantastic font mini-series has arrived: Alba Super.

basic guy in white shirt

Font Fashion: Helvetica

If fonts were clothing what would they look like? We’ve decided to explore this idea in our little studio. Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting two fonts a …

Various tea logos

Three classes of tea

Coffee is too bold. Hot chocolate is too sophomoric. No, tea is the the perfect drink. Drinking tea is charming, quaint, and comes from a longstanding tradition. Have you ever …

Various logos that include mountains

A journey through mountain logos

What does stonehenge, a ram’s head and a rocket ship all have in common? That’s right, they’re all logos of outfitting companies with some sort of mountain themed logo. Read on for kicks »

AICGS logo transforming from sketch to digital concept

The result of a German-American love affair

What do you get when you mix a little American ingenuity with German engineering? No, not a VW, but something just as cute. A new logo? Perhaps. Here at openbox9 …

Chair with twinkies for the seat, fan, and water

The ideal chair for humanity

Some would consider this post “epic” and paramount to the survival of the sedentary human. I would not, but some will argue for my chair design proposal.