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2015 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Visual content has become an extremely useful way to engage with audiences using social media. Many of our clients find themselves creating images for their social profiles, but not knowing the …

Hands on a coffeeshop table with a sketchook, cellphones, and tablet

6 Thoughts on Evolving Your Website Design

Web design, even more than other forms of design, is constantly evolving. It’s something we love about it. Limitations that previously constrained us are slowly disappearing and we have greater possibilities for wowing …

Stanford University sustainability print report cover

The Stanford Report: From print to pdfs and beyond

Stanford. The name conjured images of ivy league institutions, with distinguished alumni, yet I knew next to nothing of the reality of the school. That was about to change. When …

Eyes Opened to Design

Every second, of everyday design is surrounding us. To some of us, it greets us as an old friend, others a new chapter. And still some don’t recognize its presence. …

Don’t overcomplicate it: redesigning forms

Form design can be like a maze. Don’t overcomplicate it for your user.

Mind the Gap

Whether you’re designing a website, planning an event, running a nonprofit (or anything else for that matter) there always seems to be a gap between what you see in your …

Trending: Color search

Have you ever searched on a website and been frustrated that you couldn’t find the right shade of those teal curtains? Well, if you’ve been online in recent years you’ll …

How to design your life

I recently stumbled across the article how to design your life. But the problem was it didn’t say much. I was hoping for some practical tips and hints, but instead it …

neon squiggles

Who Killed My Creative Buzz?

The Creative Process What better expression of rebellion than to sit and wait for creativity to strike and subsequently, what better expression of robotic jive than to methodically labor through …

5 Pages I (really) Read Today

Books are great but can a book smash you through 5 subjects in 15 minutes? Below are not my favorite reads, nor do I recommend reading them, but they are …

grecian woman

Font Fashion: Trajan

We’ve reached the end of our month-long font fashion exploration. What better font to close us out than the epic Trajan? I feel that we should probably make a movie about it… but on second thought- that would probably be a bit too cliché.

scary clown - less scary than this font

Font Fashion: Comic Sans

Today we image what Comic Sans would look like if it were wearable.