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Dali painting with clock and horse

Where does inspiration come from?

Hikes, sketching, a conversation with a 5 year old, and Salvador Dali’s work; these are some things that inspire us at openbox9. We thought we’d poll the office and explore …

Design can be busy

The rise of the design eye and the ability to articulate what one likes and dislikes has ascended. This common appreciation for aesthetics and design between design-laymans and designers has …

Creativity requires many ingredients

Our recipe for the creative process

Today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on our creative process, also known as our recipe for good design. Hello there, I’m Hannah, the newest member of the openbox9 …

Proofreading symbols

Proofread. proofread. proofread mark cheat sheet.

Once you’ve proofread you’ll need to clearly indicate the changes that need to be made, that much is obvious. Proofreading marks are devices that specify needed corrections on draft documents. …

Easter egg advertisement

The Icons of Easter

What’s your stance on bunnies and eggs and lillies being used to promote your Easter celebration?

on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese

Now that’s a Spicy Meatball

Smell that? It’s a steamy savory saucy meatball sub heading your way on a plate of goodness and you’re running to it. Meatball subs—they symbolize the joy of eating. A …

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