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Don’t Scare the Donors

Your job is to change their minds and turn them into champions

5 Reasons Spec Design Work is Not Considered

For some the term spec work is foreign slang that may lead to guessing its about sweaty people exercising their spec muscles. Actually it is designers exercising their sweaty mouse …

Redesign vs. Realign, What’s a Website to do?

I once heard myself answering the question “should I redesign my site” with a question “do you think your website could perform better?” Which is the same as saying “yes.” …

The un-Santa of Pro-bono Work

‘Doing good’ is alluring — a great elixir to induce happy feelings like a warm embrace from a Grandma smelling of cookies. But what does ‘doing good’ mean to design …

Our Guide to Writing a “Request for a Proposal” (RFP)

To Start Before you begin writing your RFP, its essential to have done some research into your needs. has a good example, “Don’t issue an RFP for a machine …

Keywords word bubble

Use your words. Keywords.

You’ve probably been hearing about all of the expensive work that can be done to your non-profit’s website to help it rank higher on search engines, but we have some …

Convio icon

Convio Donation Optimization Study and Us

There’s no hiding our giddiness when it comes to testing designs and participating in studies that reveal how the change to the smallest of details can increase donation completion rates …

Whitehouse homepage

Obama’s website versus Information Architecture

Bush vs. Obama. Who has the better website you say? The Washington Times writes a compelling discussion that pits style and image versus information and usability. Its interesting because of …

NWF homepage

New Wildlife Website for the Nation (in progress)

In the spring of 09, National Wildlife Federation sent out a survey to its constituents presenting the new website design. Happily, the profanity used was in adulation not condemnation for …

on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese

Now that’s a Spicy Meatball

Smell that? It’s a steamy savory saucy meatball sub heading your way on a plate of goodness and you’re running to it. Meatball subs—they symbolize the joy of eating. A …

calculator with money

Carbon Calculator Launched for Alcoa

Turns out openbox9 was minty-green and was not the green, tree-hugging group it thought it was. We learned alot about how one can reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth …

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