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Crane pulling a load with quotation marks

Tips for Better Pull Quotes

An often overlooked yet powerful tool in the design of publications, annual reports, brochures, online articles, or blog posts is the humble pull quote. When done thoughtfully and strategically, pull …

Tupperware is not the only place for leftovers

Leftovers :: Turkey and Content

6 fresh ways to reuse your content

Stanford University sustainability print report cover

The Stanford Report: From print to pdfs and beyond

Stanford. The name conjured images of ivy league institutions, with distinguished alumni, yet I knew next to nothing of the reality of the school. That was about to change. When …

By Vegan Strawberry Pop Tarts

The Privilege of Collaboration

*Post updated to reflect the impact after 6 months. We love the excitement and stories our clients bring us. It fuels our creativity and problem-solving. Client meetings are typically filled …

Millennialls taking a selfie with sunglasses

Reaching Out to Millennials

As a communications major, there are many phrases and reminders that have been drilled into my head. One has always stood out to me in particular: know your target audience. …

SEO: Put your Keywords to Work

How to put those keywords to work on your website

Yellowpages and Keywords

SEO: Yellowpage Games in A Keyword World

Back in the day, companies jockeyed for position in the yellow pages by adding a string of A’s to the beginning of their name. Thus pages of AAAA-lock smith and …

Aliens Wrote This

Writing copy for your website can be a daunting task! Whether you’re a writer by trade or simply tasked with coming up with copy for your company’s website, the web …

SEOh no!

Do we really need to spill more ink – or wear out more keyboards – on the topic of SEO? Surely not, but there is need to make sense of …

Killing the facebook Logo Softly

Reducing the noise of social media icons on websites is a trend (finally). With little scientific measurements, I suggest most people tap their flip-flop strapped feet to rhythmic beats; so …

3 Ways to Love Online Donors

Online giving grew by 11% in 2012*. Which means the ROI in online fundraising tools, many of which are free, is pretty dang good. But we all know a one-time …

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