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End of year fundraising photo of money

End of Year, Beginning of Fundraising

17.4% of all charitable giving in 2014 happened in 1 month. Guess which one? Hint, it rhymes with moocember. You got it, December. December makes a difference for nonprofits. Are …

RSS feed - Food Truck with "content" written on it

Say What? RSS Feed

An RSS feed delivers regularly updated content from a website directly to you, through the device you choose. A user signs up to receive a feed to save time and …

slingshot of design delivering ball of content to the target audience

Content goes to College!

5 ways to make content clear & engaging

A Brave New asks an important question

Do you Know Where you are Going?

Knowing where you are going is crucial in making plans – whether planning an errand, a vacation, a date, your day. Even the most spontaneous of us have some sort …

Letter Q over a work desk
Sketch of a handshake

Say What? Meta Description

Understanding Meta Descriptions and why to use them

Person sitting in a chair in various poses

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

4 ways to find creativity

Women standing before a large wall with principles of data privacy

Say What? Your Next Privacy Policy

Why do I need a Privacy Policy?

One Two Three Four Five Six over a Word document

Six Things You Didn’t Know Word Could Do :: Design and Microsoft Word, Part 1

Using the humble Microsoft Word for in-house materials

Logo spelled out with goldfish

Brand Management in our Visual Age

Advice on visual branding

Abstract images of an infographic

Storytelling through Well-Designed Infographics

Good infographics require thought…getting to the key point requires work.

Crane pulling a load with quotation marks

Tips for Better Pull Quotes

An often overlooked yet powerful tool in the design of publications, annual reports, brochures, online articles, or blog posts is the humble pull quote. When done thoughtfully and strategically, pull …

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