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Map design - Interactive Map

Storytelling Through a Map

Can data and a map tell your story?

Do's to improve online donations artwork

7 Do’s to Improve Online Donations

Strategies for your online fundraising efforts

End of year fundraising photo of money

End of Year, Beginning of Fundraising

17.4% of all charitable giving in 2014 happened in 1 month. Guess which one? Hint, it rhymes with moocember. You got it, December. December makes a difference for nonprofits. Are …

RSS feed - Food Truck with "content" written on it

Say What? RSS Feed

An RSS feed delivers regularly updated content from a website directly to you, through the device you choose. A user signs up to receive a feed to save time and …

slingshot of design delivering ball of content to the target audience

Content goes to College!

5 ways to make content clear & engaging

A Brave New asks an important question

Do you Know Where you are Going?

Knowing where you are going is crucial in making plans – whether planning an errand, a vacation, a date, your day. Even the most spontaneous of us have some sort …

Letter Q over a work desk
Sketch of a handshake

Say What? Meta Description

Understanding Meta Descriptions and why to use them

Person sitting in a chair in various poses

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

4 ways to find creativity

One Two Three Four Five Six over a Word document

Six Things You Didn’t Know Word Could Do :: Design and Microsoft Word, Part 1

Using the humble Microsoft Word for in-house materials

Logo spelled out with goldfish

Brand Management in our Visual Age

Advice on visual branding

Abstract images of an infographic

Storytelling through Well-Designed Infographics

Good infographics require thought…getting to the key point requires work.

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