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Covid19 Drawing Working Remotely with Mask

Wanted: Graphic Designer

Join a team that pours creativity into the gooey center of our work. We need your problem solving skills and your quirky novelty wrapped up in a personable and creative …

Photo of Covid sign on Door

Covid Wear-a-Mask Door Signs

Free downloads for your door!

Covid19 Drawing Working Remotely with Mask

openbox9 in the time of COVID-19

Clarity for our uncertain times…

Photo of cat riding a horse to symbolize accessibility

Make Your Website Accessible and Inclusive (in 9 ways)

Being emphatic is what designers do

openbox9 turns 9

A photo journal recap!

Accepting the Eggs

Ideas for a journal cover that never came to be

4 Album Design Trends of 2016

Always curious to which albums define a year in music, I find NPR’s list of top 100 albums go beyond popular to influential and cross cutting cultural lines. In looking …

TWR Motion artwork

TWR’s Motion Logo

A walk through a logo process

openbox9 hiring

Front End Developer

Join a team that pushes code in innovative ways. We need your problem solving skills and desire to never do the same-old-thing. Ideally you enjoy collaborating with team members and …

Design trends artwork

2016 Website Trends, the Newness

What new(ish) things you’ll hear about this year

9s on fire, just like us

nine 9’s – a rigorous team exercise

The openbox9 team cuts, chews, and makes some 9’s

Cheetahs Receive Some Help from Our Bytes

When it comes to promoting beauty, the best thing to do as a designer is get out of the way and let the beauty do all the work. Designing for …