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Colors in the winter olympics

We spotted a familiar look coming down the hill

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Protect Your Web Treasure

Keep your website secure and safe from attacks.

Killing the facebook Logo Softly

Reducing the noise of social media icons on websites is a trend (finally). With little scientific measurements, I suggest most people tap their flip-flop strapped feet to rhythmic beats; so …

openbox9 goes to the White House

Photo journal of a historic visit

Employment Job Opportunity

Job: Web/Interactive Designer

Join a team that pours creativity into the gooey center of our work. We need your problem solving skills and your quirky novelty that inches towards being considered a disorder. …

neon squiggles

Who Killed My Creative Buzz?

The Creative Process What better expression of rebellion than to sit and wait for creativity to strike and subsequently, what better expression of robotic jive than to methodically labor through …

5 Pages I (really) Read Today

Books are great but can a book smash you through 5 subjects in 15 minutes? Below are not my favorite reads, nor do I recommend reading them, but they are …

5 Reasons Spec Design Work is Not Considered

For some the term spec work is foreign slang that may lead to guessing its about sweaty people exercising their spec muscles. Actually it is designers exercising their sweaty mouse …

Hannah Hudson and Nathan Fussner

openbox9 takes Manhattan

Outside of Washington DC there is the nice (lesser known) city of New York that hosted the recent Global Leadership Awards Dinner. openbox9 had the pleasure AND honor to attend. …

Plate full of cookies

Making of the Baking the Cookies

This time, tasty design became edible for a recent Christmas card design for our friends at 9Marks… for those out there that want a July 4th card I have an …

AIGA’s Lightning Strikes… strikes Nov 17

We were honored to help-out our local chapter of AIGA with a visual campaign for an upcoming “night that will awaken your mind with inspiration and creativity.” Imagine what mischief …

Chair with twinkies for the seat, fan, and water

The ideal chair for humanity

Some would consider this post “epic” and paramount to the survival of the sedentary human. I would not, but some will argue for my chair design proposal.